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First Experiment
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Stone Beads
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Bead Classifier

Bead Shapes

rounded without plane parallel ends
rounded and ribbed without plane parallel ends
rounded with plane parallel ends
rounded and ribbed with plane parallel ends
rounded with tordated ends
cylindroid with oval section
truncated cone
truncated bicone, the bases of the cones are identical with the equator
truncated bicone, the bases are the ends of the bead
rectangular prismatic
rectangular prismatic with cut corners
pentagonal rectangular prismatic
hexagonal rectangular prismatic
asymmetrical hexagonal bipyramidal
octagonal rectangular prismatic
asymmetrical octagonal bipyramidal
hexagonal oval
octagonal rectangular prismatic with facetted sloping ends
symmetrical hexagonal bipyramidal
symmetrical octagonal bipyramidal
planum parallel rhomboid discoid with facetted edges
octagonal truncated cone
globular, hexagonal-octagonal with quadrangular to hexagonal facets
planum parallel rounded discoid with facetted edges
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