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Viking Era Beads - Questions and Answers

This page is updated as questions are answered. Outstanding questions are detailed on the main page and copied here as answers are .

What are the dimensions and shapes for each of the furnace bases?
  • Ribe Section BA: layers 39-42 - no size provided - Bencard et al 1990, pl. I table 2; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 84
  • Ribe Hearth Q: layer 8 - no size provided
  • Ribe Kunstmuseets have (4M75) layer-accumulation 1 (phase 3): 7 hearths, irregular shapes, no dimensions given - Bencard et al 1990, fig. 49 and p. 126, pl. XVIII table 31b; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 84
  • Ribe Hearth ÆZ - rectangular clay 53 x 23 cm, up to 5 cm thick - Bencard et al 1990, 95ff & figs. 54-56; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 84
  • Ribe Hearth UR - irregular outline, no dimensions - Bencard et al 1990, 99 & fig. 57; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 84
  • Ribe Hearth UN - Rectangular, no dimensions - Bencard et al 1990, 99 & figs. 58-59; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 84
  • Ribe Hearth QA - irregular lens 50cm diameter - Bencard et al 1990, 99-102 & fig. 60; Bencard et al, 2004 p. 86
Are there fragments of walls connected to the bases?
No - but some bases are fragmentary (QA, UN) and the parts with the walls might be missing. Hearth ÆZ clearly didn't have walls attached.
Is there any trace of an air flow shaping device on the bases?
Does a heat pattern show on either side of the bases?
Yes - Ribe Hearth QA, UN
Are heat patterns visible on the ground under the bases?
The pictures are difficult to interpret but some of the hearths (UR) seem to be heat patterns on the ground under the bases which were removed.
Is there any indication that the ground under the furnace was raised?
There is none. We have used this technique ourselves to raise the furnace to a height required for working inside the furnace.
Is there any indication of pits beside the furnaces?
There are none. The archaeology as covered in volume 4 of the Ribe excavation is quite clear and no such features are documented. We have used this technique to provide a place for our feet when we are seated on the ground. This is helpful to modern people who are not comfortable sitting in a tailor seat or squatting for hours.
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